Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jan.1, 2013::Welcome Home

I don't make resolutions. I do set intentions to guide me, but resolutions are too restrictive. They are too detailed. I am a tree hugger, but see the forest before noticing the individual trees, and it takes me a good long while to get to the bark, the acorns, and the tiny little ants making their home near the roots. So, intentions work, but resolutions ...nah.

This year, my intentions are centered on the well being of our family, specifically on creating, recreating, and improving upon the things that make our home a place that nurtures our family.

Those things?

-Spiritual practice that allows us to explore our beliefs, discuss them openly, and each make our own decisions about truth. In that practice, we will spend more time focused on others....living and exploring our questions through practice.

-A practice of paring down our material goods in hopes of spending less time worried about the physical state of our home, and more time on the emotional atmosphere.

-A practice of using some significant chunk of our learning time each week on self-directed projects...checking off fewer meaningless ticks and delving deeper in learning how to learn.

-A refocusing on all of us taking ownership in all of these practices.

To aid us in maintaining our focus through what will likely prove to be a crazy year, we are starting today with a photo-a-day project...HOME...our guiding word, our guiding intention for 2013. Each day, we will take and post a photo that represents home to us. It might relate to one of our goals. It might be an image of our physical dwelling. It might be a captured moment of us or those we love....after all, aren't those special beings in our live the real, most important and valuable components of home?

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