Friday, January 11, 2013

Jan. 11, 2013::Late Holiday Get-Together

Home is anywhere with loved ones...

Ours is not a traditional family. We are not joined by generations of genealogy. Are joined by love. We are so blessed to count our children's birth families as our own. We are blessed to call friends Aunt and Uncle. We are blessed to call Aunts and Uncles friends.

Tonight we celebrated a late holiday get-together with some of that chosen family. Though we missed them around the holidays, it was lovely to have this evening to just focus on our time together, without other holiday obligations looming.

Special time In their warm, inviting home...

P.S. thought I would share the recipe for this Cinnamon Roll Cake I took tonight. It was yummy...and easy...and yummy! ( forgive my clunky use of the URL, trying to figure out how to insert seamlessly on this new iPad app)


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