Saturday, January 5, 2013

Jan. 5, 2013::The Purge

"I am impressed by the reluctance of one's worldly goods to go out again into the world."
E.B. White

It is so easy to let those worldly goods into the home. They have a beguiling power over most of us in this family. Books, games, dinosaurs, plastic bottles, small kitchen appliances, T-shirts from random events, shoes, etc. More is better right? The more we have, the easier life will be right?

But, White was correct. These worldly goods are readily admitted, but often outstay their welcome. At some point, they have to be ruthlessly released back into the world. We are at that point.

There are piles for a yard sale, piles for Half Price Books, piles for Goodwill, piles for recycling, and piles for the landfill. Today was free day at the dump, so away some of it went. It doesn't feel like losing possessions. It feels easy, and light. It feels like we wasted so much money on junk, and effort on keeping it in control.

First floor complete this week. Second floor, twice as much there, next week.
Be free.


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