Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014::today in the garden

IN THE GARDEN...a weekly photolog chronicling our first year living in the former home of a master gardener.

A sampling of the sights of today's garden stroll...


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 22, 2014::earth day in our garden

I am trying not to blink...

I blinked last week, and found that the huge forsythia on the side of our house went unnoticed in her blooming glory. This is one of the last of her blossoms, but we will remember next year.

And the dogwood that was bare yesterday has tiny beginnings today. 
Don't blink. Spring is fast once she arrives.

I am trying to keep a photolog, this first year, of the treasures this garden has in store. I can't fully express how filled with gratitude I am for this gift and for the years of loving care the Jaynes gave their home before we moved in last summer. This garden is nothing short of amazing.

As I took my usual morning stroll, on this Earth Day, here are some of the other beauties I found.

Blue and yellow violets

Leaves on the Hawthorn and crabapple that were not there yesterday

The last of the glorious daffodils

And the first of the tulips

Tiny blue blossoms, replaced by tiny white ones

Inspiration for design

Purple vinca 

Hostas as taking their places where daffodils once reigned


And this photo, posted in my last garden log...I had high hopes for her

And they have been confirmed! Maroon Trillium! Thousands of them everywhere! Confirmed, by a local lover of nature even before the tiny color began to show. Older folks here call them "bloody noses." I call them dreamy. I remember Trillium sightings on the Blue Ridge Parkway with my family as a kid. They were few and far between, and always a sight to behold. I just can't get over there abundance right out my back door. I will not take this loveliness for granted.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 19-20, 2014::Chicago Birthday

Little Bess and Granny await the train.
Instagram ing from our hotel room overlooking Lake Michigan.
Deep dish pizza birthday dinner at Pizano's
South Michigan Avenue near Grant Park
Lion at the Chicago Art Institute
Crown Fountain
Selfies at The Bean
The Bean
City selfie

Little Bess turned fifteen in March. Instead of gifts, she asked for a girls' weekend to shop in Chicago. We invited Todd's mom to join us and shop we did! 

Forever 21, H&M, American Apparal, Urban Outfitters, Macy's...some two or three times. I have never seen so many tiny, plastic, ripped  fashions...then again I am not a mall shopper. And so many are throw backs to the eighties! Arrrgh! I thought I'd never see jellies or hammer pants again! 

While I prefer Chacos and leggings with dresses, Bess is all about skinny jeans with oversized sweaters, and over the knee socks with high waisted shorts. I certainly felt my age. She did buy a Rolling Stones tshirt, though. At least there's one thing we can agree upon after all. 


Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014::today in our garden

Our new home in Kokomo was formerly owned by an avid gardener. We have a lot to live up to around here, and I am beginning to give it my best shot. As I remove the leaves and winter debris from the beds, I find tiny surprises everyday. I know this first year will be the most delightful experience.

This morning, as I worked a bit before the rains came, I took a few pictures to begin documenting the gifts left by the garden's former tender. Some are blurry, I was in a rush to beat the rains, but there will be more to come.

A tiny patch of these...

A dozen or so clumps of these...

And these beauties...

These are new to me. I have hopes of what they may be...we'll see.

And these. Thousands everywhere. I have no idea their name, but they are tiny, gorgeous jewels.

These treasures are a small part of a much larger feeling of welcome and happiness here in our new home and more little green shoots are appearing everyday. Love.