Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 19-20, 2014::Chicago Birthday

Little Bess and Granny await the train.
Instagram ing from our hotel room overlooking Lake Michigan.
Deep dish pizza birthday dinner at Pizano's
South Michigan Avenue near Grant Park
Lion at the Chicago Art Institute
Crown Fountain
Selfies at The Bean
The Bean
City selfie

Little Bess turned fifteen in March. Instead of gifts, she asked for a girls' weekend to shop in Chicago. We invited Todd's mom to join us and shop we did! 

Forever 21, H&M, American Apparal, Urban Outfitters, Macy's...some two or three times. I have never seen so many tiny, plastic, ripped  fashions...then again I am not a mall shopper. And so many are throw backs to the eighties! Arrrgh! I thought I'd never see jellies or hammer pants again! 

While I prefer Chacos and leggings with dresses, Bess is all about skinny jeans with oversized sweaters, and over the knee socks with high waisted shorts. I certainly felt my age. She did buy a Rolling Stones tshirt, though. At least there's one thing we can agree upon after all. 


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