Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 17

Seems we have slept through the first seventeen days of the year. 

Well, we haven't exactly been asleep, but we certainly have been laying low.

I have been suffering from costochondritis for some time, and it became painful enough on January 1 to land me in the hospital for three days of tests to rule out heart-related problems.  Luckily, my heart is in good shape and doctors agreed that the pain was likely caused by the muscular-skeletal inflammation. It is a relief to know that I am not in any immediate danger, but I am still left with the pain that sent me to the hospital. Some days it hurts to lift a mug of coffee. Most days I can't do laundry or sweep. All days I can't lift anything over 5-10 pounds, including my four-year old. 

I hate asking for help, but I am trying. There are so many things that aren't getting done and I am trying to let them go. We are headed to Disney World in 12 days (our Christmas gift to the kids). I am resting up and hope to enjoy it with minimal pain. Right now, that's what's driving my will to ask for help and rest. We are getting our school work done, and everyone is eating. I guess there's comfort in the important things. 

And, I am grateful...oh so grateful...that it was nothing more life threatening.