Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 18, 2015::sixteen

Our baby girl turned sixteen today. Sixteen. Wow! That number is BIG! So happy to be spending this day and this life with her. 

Happy Birthday, dear daughter.

Miss Patty was her thirteenth birthday gift. 

Breakfast brunch with napkins from her first birthday party. Sometimes it does pay to be a pack rat. 

We spent the afternoon visiting the humane society and every pet-related store in Kokomo. She really wanted one of the German Shepard puppies to come home with us. We resisted THIS year (see above).

Her one request: a chocolate covered cherry cake. 
Two layers of white cake with a middle layer of chocolate covered cherries, nestled in a couple of inches of buttercream.
All of that covered in more buttercream, chocolate syrup, and Oreo crumbs. She certainly knows how to choose something special. 

Dinner at Chipotle and now, she and her dad are doing algebra. Low key, kinda like her. Perfect.

Happy Sweet 16, Darlin' Girl. Love you.