Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 31, 2014::in the garden

This week, the peonies and wisteria have started their bloom. There are a few odds and ends here and there, but the biggest surprise of all...I didn't kill the roses!


Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 25, 2014::off our beaten path

This week's garden post comes from our home in Kentucky...the one that is still for sale though we are settled happily in Indiana.

Our youngest boy's sweet birthmom got married this weekend. The kids and I travelled down earlier in the week so that I could do the flowers for the wedding. It was a very special day...though Brice still contends they should have gotten married in a tree. Go figure.

She is very special to us and we were so happy to be able to join her and her family for this happy celebration.

We were lucky enough to be assisted by my mom and grandmother, and dear friend from across the street. The kids enjoyed being back; just being in the place they all remember as home, and visiting best friends as well.

We have new renters moving in and needed to ready a few things for the new family, so we hauled our air mattresses and camp chairs down and roughed wifi...GASP!!

It was so nice to be back for a visit. Our garden there is quite a bit more modest than the one in Indiana, but everything there is special because we started from scratch and did all the landscaping and planting ourselves.

Though we missed the lilac, we enjoyed our peonies so much. After a few years of barely blooming, they are finally thriving.

There were a few other plants in bloom to welcome us back...
Oak leaf hydrangea

We enjoyed our old friend this weekend.


Saturday, May 17, 2014

May 17, 2014::in the garden

This week in our garden, it's been wet. Sopping wet.
Soaking wet.

When Brice was little, he thought "soaking" meant "very." It makes sense. He would come in from a run through the sprinkler and I would say "Oh, Baby, you are soaking wet!" Then he would shiver a little and say he was "soaking cold." He used to tell us he was "soaking hungry" and "soaking mad." 

So, when I say it was wet this week, baby, it was soaking wet!

The last of the redbud tree is scattered on the deck.

The green spaces are wild...
This may look like a weed patch, but it's July's glory...full of phlox and turk's cap lillies.

We are overrun with columbine

And there are a few other beauties amongst the wildness.

Soaking Namaste

Friday, May 9, 2014

May 9, 2014::today in our garden

IN THE GARDEN...a weekly photolog chronicling our first year living in the former home of a master gardener.

The great explosion of blooming has slowed, but things are greening up nicely. There are still hidden gems of color, though, and the heat this week has prompted a quick appearance of leaves on the trees...leaves that were no where to be seen a few short days ago.

The lull in color is soothing as we await the next blooms.

The green is intense
The last of the daffodil-related color
White trillium tucked in under the hostas
A sea of tiny yellow blooms 
A single primrose in the corner of the garden
Tiny pink blossoms that almost disappear from across the garden
The heady Lilly of the Valley blooms are just appearing
As are a few scattered columbine
And lillies
And tiny pink blooms that are easily overlooked 
Our deck garden awaits morning coffee...this is my favorite room in the house

On another, far more important note...we are keeping these girls, and all children experiencing injustice, in our thoughts. Looking for ways to act.