Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stuck in cruise control

No posts since February 19! Really? I have received notes from some of you wondering where we are...on some backroad tour with no access to wi-fi? Sort of. We have wi-fi. It's me who is on a backroad tour. No, actually, I've been stuck on the interstate. You know the one. The highway where you put the car on cruise control and fiddle with radio just to make the time pass? No scenery. Same five restaurants at every exit.

I am creatively stuck. Our semester has been a strange one wrought with health concerns early on and then filled with days of the same old same old. I'm not complaining. We are happy and healthy and together as a family. It's me. I am in need of a creative challenge. Nothing to write about here. Nothing to inspire art. Nothing to even complain or argue about. I am lucky, I know, but my brain is bored. I don't want to become one of those blogs, or one of those mothers, that the kids are perfect, the meals are all lovely, and the house is immaculate. Boring!

My kids are far from perfect. Just ask the youngest who sat for two hours on the potty recently because I was not home to help him with the, well, with the necessities. Ask the middle one who hasn't worn clean clothes this week. Ask the oldest whose room is a zoo...with all the goodies that come with zoo keeping.

My meals are not perfect. With so many allergies, doctors orders, and preferences, we are pretty much living on beans, greens, and air lately. We have joked about eating at Mexican restaurants where everything on the menu is just a different combination of the same three ingredients. We laugh no more!

My house is not immaculate. I have never had the desire to have a perfect house. I like the kitchen to be clean and hate dust bunnies, but the rest? Who cares? But even my "relaxed" sensibilities are on edge these days. Piles and piles everywhere!! I am formulating a major purge this summer. What I wouldn't give for seven outfits, five settings of dishes, and just enough homeschooling paraphernalia to fit into a large plastic storage box!!

So, we are here, and we are happy, and we are messy. Maybe I can kick off the cruise control and take the next exit. I bet there's something fun there that isn't on the interstate sign. Maybe I can write about that!!

Oh, and maybe I'll get around to changing my banner to something a bit more spring-like...maybe by summer.