Saturday, May 17, 2014

May 17, 2014::in the garden

This week in our garden, it's been wet. Sopping wet.
Soaking wet.

When Brice was little, he thought "soaking" meant "very." It makes sense. He would come in from a run through the sprinkler and I would say "Oh, Baby, you are soaking wet!" Then he would shiver a little and say he was "soaking cold." He used to tell us he was "soaking hungry" and "soaking mad." 

So, when I say it was wet this week, baby, it was soaking wet!

The last of the redbud tree is scattered on the deck.

The green spaces are wild...
This may look like a weed patch, but it's July's glory...full of phlox and turk's cap lillies.

We are overrun with columbine

And there are a few other beauties amongst the wildness.

Soaking Namaste

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