Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 22, 2014::earth day in our garden

I am trying not to blink...

I blinked last week, and found that the huge forsythia on the side of our house went unnoticed in her blooming glory. This is one of the last of her blossoms, but we will remember next year.

And the dogwood that was bare yesterday has tiny beginnings today. 
Don't blink. Spring is fast once she arrives.

I am trying to keep a photolog, this first year, of the treasures this garden has in store. I can't fully express how filled with gratitude I am for this gift and for the years of loving care the Jaynes gave their home before we moved in last summer. This garden is nothing short of amazing.

As I took my usual morning stroll, on this Earth Day, here are some of the other beauties I found.

Blue and yellow violets

Leaves on the Hawthorn and crabapple that were not there yesterday

The last of the glorious daffodils

And the first of the tulips

Tiny blue blossoms, replaced by tiny white ones

Inspiration for design

Purple vinca 

Hostas as taking their places where daffodils once reigned


And this photo, posted in my last garden log...I had high hopes for her

And they have been confirmed! Maroon Trillium! Thousands of them everywhere! Confirmed, by a local lover of nature even before the tiny color began to show. Older folks here call them "bloody noses." I call them dreamy. I remember Trillium sightings on the Blue Ridge Parkway with my family as a kid. They were few and far between, and always a sight to behold. I just can't get over there abundance right out my back door. I will not take this loveliness for granted.


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