Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jan. 16, 2013::icy morning

This morning, while my kids were snug in bed, the trees were gleaming with ice and the public school kids were waiting with bleary eyes to hear whether they had school.

They did.

I know there were many disappointed kids and teachers this morning.

It was beautiful.

I love an ice storm, especially one that is minor and doesn't cause power outages or contribute to car accidents. Of course, since we began homeschooling, just about any weather is OK. We are usually flexible enough to stay home if needed, and able to head out to the world at the spur of the moment on a beautiful day.

I like that.

The kids really would like to have a snow day every now and then, but in early May when public school students and teachers are paying the piper for snow days, we are free.

I like that too, and so do the kids.

Besides, who said a nice romp in the snow isn't PE?


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