Friday, January 18, 2013

Jan. 18, 2013::pie

Well...I didn't find an obvious hippie hangout today. There are a few places I have in mind to check on the next trip, or when we move...Unitarian Church, health food store, yoga studios. I'll find my niche, or I'll make my niche.

Last time we came, I felt that we didn't find the "heart" of Kokomo. Its downtown is not the same as Georgetown. As a very wise friend (Tim Stewart) told me, "There's no place like Georgetown." He's right. We tried looking at houses within walking distance of downtown Kokomo. Some houses have potential, but it just isn't Georgetown. I think we were both trying to find that here. But, this is Kokomo. We need to look for our spot here, not try to replicate our little piece of heaven in Georgetown.

So we've moved our search outward, to a few neighborhoods or houses with a little land. Today, I drove about 8 miles out of town to see a neighborhood. The drive out was beautiful, unlike any We've had in our previous homes. Corn fields, lovely little white farm houses and barns. It really made me feel excited about moving to Indiana. I think that is our key...finding our Indiana, our Kokomo.

We DID make two fun discoveries...
Mom's Pie Shop and their Indiana Sugar Cream Pie. Tastes like a huge creme brûlée.
Jay's Authentic Thai and their yellow curry and spicy fried rice...delicious.
We always get excited about food.


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