Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jan. 12, 2013::What we know

This is what we know about our new home...

We are moving to Kokomo, Indiana. That is all we know, this and the reason we are moving. Todd will be working at Indiana University at Kokomo. This picture...this small glimpse of the University...this represents about as much as we know about our new life...our new home.

It is exciting and frustrating all at once. I am a planner, so it is difficult to wait. It is hard to sit patiently and know that it will all begin moving along at a pace that makes my head spin. It will all begin and I won't be ready. Patience.

This week, I need to sort through the homeschool classroom. This weekend, I need to review plans for school next week. Today, I need to get a haircut. This moment, I need to sit in the quiet of my sleeping house, sip my coffee, a just be. Patience.


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