Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jan. 30, 2013 :: group work

One of the things that will end when we move is my time teaching creative dramatics at Georgetown College. I am not gonna lie. After fourteen or so semesters teaching the same class, I am a little burned out on the content. The creative in me cringes at the thought of repeating the course over and over. I admit, though, that I have never sent the same syllabus to the printers twice. I refine it every semester, adding new projects, omitting things that really haven't worked smoothly or been beneficial.

Though for every time it is a repeat for me, it is the first time for that group of students. They deserve the same vigor from my teaching that the first class received. One of the best ways I have found to keep it fresh is by using group work to generate new opportunities for me, while allowing the students to fully explore the material for the first time. Though the assignments may be nearly the same, the outcomes are always different and I am presented with new questions, new approaches to problems, and new personalities with unique answer to old inquires.

I really have enjoyed the students. I am pleased with the growth I see over the course of every semester. I know that, for some of these students, this is their first step into theatre. I am blessed to practice this art form and privileged to witness the creative exploration of my students. I think this will be one of things I miss very much, after all.


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