Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jan. 22, 2013::learning to read

I can't believe that our youngest is learning to read. Just two years ago, we were considering adopting again. After deciding that our family was complete for now, we have gone about the business of growing up, of moving out of the baby phase. As we sort our belongings to move, I am getting rid of most all of the things from our babyhood. I am giving away clothes, strollers, board books, tiny little shoes. In some ways, it is a relief to know that I can get rid of sippy cups. In other ways, I miss afternoon naps and the sweet smell baby skin.

I can hear Brice in the kitchen as I type. He is pushing a stool over to the pantry to sneak a marshmallow. He will come in here momentarily to show me how self sufficient he is. Yep! Nice work, son. Just grow slowly and well.


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