Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

Goodbye to 2012.
I can't say that I am sorry to see this year go.

Obviously, I have no desire to wish my life away, or take any moment of my life for granted, but this has been a hard year. Our family needs a new year, a new beginning even if it is the man-made marking of time on the calendar.

I began the year, the first day of the year, in the hospital for four days. Luckily, that was just testing and did not pose a real health threat, but follow-up visits revealed another condition that needed to be addressed. Six months of holistic treatment, six months of traditional treatment, and a stay in the hospital in December for surgery, have made this a personally trying year. I have felt unable to be productive, sometimes unable to get dressed during this time. I have not been myself and it has taken its toll on me and those around me.

But there have been things for which I am so grateful.

We finally found our church home with the local Unitarian Universalists. I am more spiritually grounded than I have been in years. Our family discussions often center on our beliefs and how those beliefs effect our living in this world. The children have found acceptance and joy with the kids there and we often express our joy in being a part of this community.

Embree took on her largest stage role to date in The Velveteen Rabbit and enjoyed herself so much. Her poise on stage can't be taught. She handles herself so well. I look forward to her growth as an actress.

Reeves took on his first speaking role on stage as Santa in a reader's theatre of The Night Before Christmas. I am so proud of his efforts and his comic timing. I hope he will seek out more opportunities on stage as well.

Brice has taken so naturally to kindergarten. He is a natural at math and so willing to try anything hands-on. Though his full throttle approach to life can be tiring for his parents, his zest for moving forward makes me happy to be his teacher.

Though the year has been tough, Todd and I are closer than we have been in years. We have big plans for this year...plans for centering our lives around each other and the kids...around home.

Today, though I still feel some of the effects of surgery, I feel better than I have a single day in 2012. I am on the road to being back and better than ever and I am excited for tomorrow to bring this new year.

Here's hoping that the new year brings blessings and peace to us all.

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