Thursday, August 8, 2013

Aug 8, 2013::2013-2014 Course of Study

We are starting school next week around these parts. I have been working to get our lessons ready this week and missing the usual month of leisure I have to work on it each summer. I am trying to give the kids more freedom in choosing classes and scheduling their time. Embree has had quite a bit of input in her course of study this year. I hope that will pay off with an enjoyable year for her.

Though I am trying to ease up on the "school at home" notion, I am still finding it more comforting to plan each course for the entire year, completing a scope and sequence and schedule for completion. We may deviate as we go, and I am perfectly willing to chase rabbits when someone has an interest, but it gives me a guide for keeping us on track. I am a sprinter (metaphorically), not a marathoner. Spending this intense concentration of time at the beginning of each year, saves me having to keep at it all year and allows me to spend time involved with the kids instead of planning all year.

So, in the interest of supporting myself and, in turn, the kids, we have the following 2013-2014 course of study.

Grade 1

Grade 6
  • Language Arts, Science, Arts, History/Geography ::Homeschool Learning Network, Language Arts 6
  • Writing::Writing With Skill 1, Peace Hill Press (again with the Susan Wise Baur repertoire)
  •, Grade 6
  • Health and PE:: Various sources and living books
  • Nature Study::Opening the World through Nature Journaling, California Native Plant Society
  • Reading::Various Living Books corresponding with other studies and interest-led topics
  • Special Topics::Various Reeves-led topics throughout the year. First topic - Cooking lessons! Mark Bittman How to Cook Everything App for the iPad.

Grade 9
  • English 9::Homeschool Learning Network, Grade 9 Language Arts 
  • Pre-Algebra, Marine Science:: Parallel Alternative Strategies for Students (PASS), Florida Department of Education 
  • Elementary French I, American English Speech (Quarter 1), and Argument Diagramming (Quarter 2) ::Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative 
  • Arts (Drama, Acting Lessons and/or participation in theatre production) (Quarter 3)::Various sources 
  • Health and PE (Quarter 4)::Various sources
  • Nature Study/Journaling::Opening the World Through Nature Journaling, California Native Plant Society
Now off for a slow three day weekend before we crack the books...

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