Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Aug 7, 2013::deeper

Brice spied a red canoe today when we were shopping for a new pair of sneakers for him. He was fascinated, running his hands over the bow and stern, checking out the waterline and the underbelly. 

Since then, about noon, he has talked nonstop about buying a canoe to put on the New River, near our Farm in North Carolina. He has plans to take the boys at the end of our street, and I have instructions on how to make and when to launch a makeshift iceberg for them to hit.

He has written (or at least dictated) a script, with dialogue for each passenger during the voyage and ultimate sinking of the vessel. He has acted each person's part for me multiple times, refining it each time.

He has made diagrams of the outing and even counted all the money in his piggy bank to figure out how much more he needs to purchase the canoe. 

He informed me he needed a pair of "noculars" so the look out could watch for icebergs. I pulled out an old pair I had salvaged from our recent purge. He was thrilled. They are now on a safe shelf awaiting their role in the day.

We have moved from learning and building to performance art...just when I thought he couldn't take the Titanic any deeper...pun intended.


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