Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Aug 20, 2013::high school scheduling

Embree started her high school studies this year. That and the fact that she is a night owl, make it really necessary for her to be in control of her own schedule.

Up until this year, she has insisted that I plan her days and give her a checklist. 

This year, with some guidance from me when she needs it, I have insisted that she start to think about creating her own plans for completing her work. I have agreed to give her weekly assignments on Monday mornings if she will create her own plan for completing everything by Friday. This week and last, I have helped her in her planning until she has an idea of just what each subject entails. Last weekend she had homework for the first time in our six years of homeschooling. It was a good lesson for her in budgeting her time.

So, I can't share a detailed schedule for Embree's ninth grade year. 

My best guess it that she will have weekly sessions of...
Math, English, French, Speech, Marine Science, Health/PE mingled with walks with her dog, FaceTime with friends, mid morning coffee, and late night cereal, a little shopping, and, soon, dates with friends.

We haven't been in Kokomo long enough for her to have many activities planned outside of home. That will come, and because of her natural rhythm in opening up to friends, she will have some time to adjust to it all gradually.

She is doing well so far, and her dad and I can both see that she will surely be ready to head out into the world after high school, wherever her dreams take her.

Proud Mama and Papa.


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