Monday, August 12, 2013

Aug 12, 2013::old dog

Moving is hard on everyone, but especially an old dog. Vegas has always gotten a little antsy when the suitcases came out. Every time I start making a pile by the door, she stands right there, making sure we don't forget her. 

Imagine her horror when we packed up the entire house and piled it by the door...and that pile grew and grew bigger and bigger for weeks!! By moving week she was refusing to go out to the bathroom, unless I went along, afraid I would leave while she was out.

Worst of all, the weekend before the movers came, we brought her and Patty to the empty new house and I went back to Kentucky. Todd was here at night, but her worst nightmare had come true. She had been left behind. Poor Vegas.

Now, after being here almost three weeks, she is just to the point that she will sit across the room from me. Until a few days ago, she was under my feet all day. She still follows me room to room, but she will sleep soundly now and then while I work. 

I think she is beginning to see that we are all here to stay. She's a sweet old thing.


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