Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aug 27, 2013::in our backyard

We now live in a wooded neighborhood, and our backyard is just chock full of fun things to explore. Brice calls them "Nature Surprises."

Lots of giant garden spiders, huge squirrels, bats at dusk, a pair of hawks...

Oak trees with lovely, large acorns. A buckeye tree full of good luck charms.

Cicada shells. Katydids. New insects to meet, such as our resident Praying Mantis. 

Roses of all shades. Turk's Cap Lilies. Wisteria vines and new flowers coming into bloom each week.

There seems to be so much more happening out there than in our old backyard. We have so enjoyed it already. We've started a nature table to house our little treasures. 

One day's booty...should be quite a collection as time goes on...


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