Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 9, 2013::IMA love

There is a fine line between thankfulness and attachment. It is easy to allow oneself to slip from gratitude into grasping without realizing it. I am trying to enjoy the giddiness I feel today without allowing myself to feel the need to be glutinous.

Here's the thing...we found a lovely UU church and community in Indianapolis. It has some of the things I love about our Lexington church, some of which I worried we wouldn't find again. There is an active program for the kids, there are so many welcoming folks, and the great hall, like ours, has windows all around that allow us to enjoy nature while we enjoy each other. It has potential.

Here's the part that makes me feel so blessed, unbelievably blessed...the Indianapolis Museum of Art is two miles from the church. Two miles! 

Of course, the galleries are there, but there are gardens and outdoor instillations. There are trails and art lessons for the kids. All free. All make me so giddy.

We spent much of the afternoon picnicking and exploring the 100 Acre park on the IMA grounds. 

Here's the part, though, about it all that makes me the happiest. I can walk in the museum, down a short hallway and be standing, literally, an inch away from a Georgia O'Keeffe original. I can stand so close that I can see the brush strokes that she made with her own hand. There is a connection across time with this person whom I admire so. 

It isn't my favorite O'Keeffe, but that does not matter. It is her hand. I can see bits of unpainted canvas and light pencil marks. It's moving. I intend to stand close as often as possible without making a glutton of myself. 

There are always things in our lives to be grateful for, no matter what else is going on day to day. Today was a gift in so many ways. A new church home for our family, a lovely day exploring art together, and a private moment for myself. I hope that I can remember this day when I am old.


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