Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 22, 2013::moon

The super moon through the window screen.

A day full of shopping with teenage girls in stores that are the same in Tennessee, Kentucky, California, and Timbuktu. Locavores, they are not. A Bath and Body Works here is just as exciting here as there. It's what I call Walmart Culture. Every town has one, with the same merchandise. No room for crafts people or one of a kind. They love it. I find it creepy. That's just part of finding your way as an adolescent, I guess...within reason.

There is one thing that I love that is the same in Tennessee, Kentucky, California, and Timbuktu...the moon. It serves as a reminder of our important, but minute place in the universe. When we find ourselves all wrapped up in the worries of every day life, it's nice to remember.


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