Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25, 2013::inspiration from Thoreau

Today I celebrate the thinking of one of my favorite philosophers...

Henry David Thoreau


WALDEN is the obvious publication most attributed to Thoreau, but there are so many others as well. I added it and CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE to Embree's high school reading list this week. LETTERS TO A SPIRITUAL SEEKER is next on my own list. Of course, I am not in agreement with all of his thought, but his writing has influenced decisions I have made about my desired place in society.

A famous Unitarian Universalist, there are at least two UU congregations in Texas that use his name, Thoreau Woods Unitarian Universalist in Huntsville, and Henry David Thoreau UU in Stafford. Of course, Thoreau is a common topic in UU homily and conversation. 

As for me, I am drawn to the questions and the willingness to find my place within society from outside the typical societal framework.



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