Friday, May 31, 2013

May 31, 2013::a maker

I am beginning to get the picture.
I have on my hands a child who can be classified as a "Maker."

Of course, I have always known that he was driven to make his ideas reality. He researches and thinks and talks about how to make his ideas reality. He sometimes wants to build a copy of something he has seem, but most times, he is more excited about dreaming up his own way to make something happen.

He buys only the Lego pieces he needs for something in his head. Today, he asked for a four pack of play dough when we went to the grocery. He then spent the afternoon building something he had been planning. No snakes and cookie cutters...just a 3D model of something that had been floating around in his head. His spacial perception is quite developed and impressive, though I know I am biased.

Of course, I have read about Maker Faires, but I am just starting to find some very interesting reading on parenting Maker Kids. It fits. I am excited to know that I have resources to help us support his ideas. Makes the future in our little homeschool quite exciting, especially for his Maker Mom. Hope I can keep myself out of his way.

According to Ian Cole of, a Maker is a " 'Garage Inventor' - people who explore the possibilities of what they can dream up and build using their minds and tools, and the minds and tools of their friends..."

That about sums it up...and describes him well.
Make on, my dear.


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