Friday, May 24, 2013

May 24, 2013::summer home

Every summer, the kids and I spend about two months at our family cabin in the mountains of North Carolina. It's a place of ease and little responsibility. Todd usually joins us on the weekends and fir a couple of weeks vacation and we spend hours playing and resting.

With the move and Todd's new job, a now ten hour drive and no accrued vacation, the Farm won't be the same this summer. The kids and I may get a short stay there, but it's iffy for Todd.

I have lamented our loss of farm time as just another frustration to add to this uncertain time. Then, last night I made myself stop and think about what all of this has to teach me, to offer us right now.

This morning, I realized that this is the first time since we moved into our house in Georgetown that we have spent any time here without outside obligation. What we love about the Farm, freedom from work obligations and the ability to just enjoy our time together, is what we have right here, right now. 

So, I threw the windows open and declared this our summer home for this year. The only thing I have on my list to do before the house sells is clean out the attic and finalize the kids report cards. When Todd comes home on weekends, he is four hours from work. This can be our retreat. We might even find the time to truly enjoy and appreciate this grand old house where we have spent the last six busy years.

Here's to summer. Here's to finding it wherever you are. 


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