Friday, May 17, 2013

May 17, 2013 :: building supplies

Brice has been building and rebuilding a new Lego Titanic everyday for three weeks or more. He has a small box of Legos he carries on our travels. As he rebuilds, the designs are growing in complexity. Lately, he has been formulating a list of specifically sized bricks and plates he needs to complete a grand design.

Lucky for us, there is a Lego store in a mall on the north side of Indianapolis. Brice has seen Lego sets in Walmart, and has shopped his brother's jumbled collection, but I knew the pick-your-own bins at the store would be a treat.

We chose a small cup, and he picked the few pieces he had in mind. The cup was the same price with six pieces or full, so we picked more. I wish he could have purchased the six he went for, instead of being encouraged to take more than he needed, but that's a whole new conversation.

He was very judicious. If he thought he needed only two of a certain piece, that's all he took. He tried a few shapes he hasn't used before, and got a few extra 1x1 bricks that are easily lost. Over all, though, he was quite reserved and contemplative.

Needless to say, he has been hard at work since we got back to Kokomo. Glad he's happy.


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