Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 18, 2013::farm stand

Today, we drove 18 miles to the town of Tipton, IN to look at a house and check out the small town. It is a lovely little community, much more similar to the small towns where we have always lived. We are adjusting to the size of Kokomo and finding niches here and there that are starting to feel familiar. Today, though, we wanted to get a feel for the commute if we decided that a smaller town was for us. No verdict yet, though we are pretty sure it's further than ideal.

On the way home, we went a little further south to visit Wilson's Farm Stand. We are huge fans of roadside produce venders and like to chooses a few to frequent wherever we are. We have been ro the Kokoko Farmer's Market, and look forward to shopping there, but we like to give them all a try! Farm stands are great places to get a feel for real local food culture.

There were piles and piles of freshly foraged morel mushrooms at $47 a pound. I have never tried a morel, and didn't buy any this time because I don't yet have a good place to do any real cooking. Next year though, we've decided to splurge once and taste for ourselves.

The deli case was full of homemade salads one might find at the Sunday church potluck, including eggs picked with beets (which I make sometimes) and eggs picked in mustard, which are new to us.

There were freezers full of hormone free meats, and pies, fresh bread and granola, Amish cheese and a huge barrel full pickles that made Reeves swoon. My favorite find was a huge bag of frozen sour cherries that Todd and I have been eating like ice cream.

We are agri-tourists for sure. This will be a regular outing, I think. So, when you, dear reader, come up 31 to Kokomo, make plans to stop at Wilson's. It is big fun!


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