Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 14, 2013 :: long day

It is a long way from my parent's house in Johnson City, TN to Kokomo, IN. 8.5 hours apart, and they will be our closest family.

The kids and I made the trip today. Georgetown is smack dab in middle. That will be just enough excuse to stop off and see friends once the move is complete.

If you follow this blog regularly, I bet you are tired of hearing about the upcoming move and wonder when it will take place. That's a good question! We are living part time in Kokomo, part in Georgetown, and, since Mom's surgery, part in Johnson City. We are vagabonds, living out of suitcases. Maybe we need to just buy an Airstream and pull home behind us!

After a long day in the car, I am enjoying my Mother's Day gift to myself, and dreaming of an urban farm. Guess it would be hard to keep chickens in an Airstream!


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