Friday, March 1, 2013

Mar. 1, 2013 :: Life

One of the beauties about homeschooling, according to my daughter, is that we can go places during the day when there are no crowds. She's correct. We were treated to a near empty bowling alley today during our PE field trip. It was a fun outing.

Speaking of which, I am lately concerned with labeling something like today's activity as a field trip. In my intention to be more learner-led, I am pushing myself to find our whole day part of our learning. That means grocery shopping on Saturdays and family tidy up after dinner are all part of the whole-life learning we are doing.

We still check off some boxes in our lessons each day, but I am working to remember that Reeves is learning to negotiate relationships when he argues with a friend while playing Minecraft. I am aware that Embree is teaching herself photography and curation skills in the upkeep of her Instagram account. It is evident that Brice learns more from building, rebuilding, and refining Lego ships than making sure he gets through the entire Kindergarten math workbook.

Calling today's bowling experience a field trip, connotes that it is special or auxiliary to "school," when, in reality, it is an opportunity to learn a skill that could bring happiness and opportunity for physical activity life long.

Therefore, if self speak is so influential in terms of self esteem and motivation, perhaps the terms we use, benign as they may sound, influence our tendency to separate learning from living. Instead of saying, "It is 9:00 am and time to start school," we need to just stop using language that reinforces the either/or mentality.

I know that the world operates on schedules. I know that the kids need to be able to get to a college class on time, to turn in assignments on time, to be on time for work one day. Maybe, though, they could break free from little boxes ( made of ticky-tacky) and at least view all of their obligations, not as work and play, but as LIFE. Perhaps that will help them learn to prioritize LIFE in ways that are healthy and fulfilling.

And that is how I over think a trip to the bowling alley.
Welcome to my world!


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