Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mar. 2, 2013 :: first lost tooth

Brice lost his first tooth today. It's sweet and, yet, it marks a passage of childhood that sort of came as a surprise to me. Is he really old enough to be losing teeth?

Brice may be the first of our children to actually profit from the tooth fairy.

Embree put her first tooth under her pillow, but left a note and the money under h pillow the following night, asking for the return of her tooth. Of course, the tooth fairy obliged, and left the money, too. Embree never did leave another tooth under her pillow.

Reeves never was willing to part with his teeth, not a single one. Once he was old enough to understand the ways of the tooth fairy, he was sure to let "her" know he'd lost a tooth, in the event "she" would just hand over some cash.

Brice isn't very sentimental. He remembers every detail about everything he's ever owned or done, and everywhere he's ever been, but he doesn't seem to get attached to things that aren't useful in his imaginary world. Perhaps he will go for the gold, so to speak.

Though, he did say his tooth was the most beautiful thing, especially the bloody side. We might be hanging on to it for use with a dinosaur or two.


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