Friday, March 15, 2013

Mar. 15, 2013 :: the day has arrived

The day is here. Today is Todd's last day at Georgetown College.

It has been almost ten years since we arrived. Reeves took his first steps across the kitchen counter as the movers were unloading the truck at our first Georgetown house. We welcomed Brice into the family here and he helped us make our second house a home. Embree found acting, and guitar, and voice here. I found a calling with children here. We all found friendship, challenges, fun, tears, love, and life in Georgetown.

For the next 60 or so hours, Todd will be unemployed, unencumbered by professional responsibility, assured of no calls from work for the weekend. On Monday, his new adventure begins. He will never again live and work here full-time. His view of work and home will shift. So, it begins; really begins.

Our mantra for the next phase of this crazy backroad...grace and gusto. We will need both in the next few months. Grace and Gusto, indeed.


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