Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mar. 12, 2013 :: do-over

I am a director. I trained for it. I learned to direct on stage and in the classroom. I can usually get the results I desire because I can visualize the final product.

As I have written before, I am trying to stop directing so much in our homeschool so that there is room for more relevant, self-directed learning. One of the many resources am use for inspiration is the Facebook page for Free Range Learning. Today, I happened upon a YouTube video of H. Stephen Glenn's presentation, Teaching Responsibility - The Barrier of Direction. I am unfamiliar with his body of work and have no idea if his overall philosophy aligns with my own, but this video stopped me in my tracks.

One of my constant laments is that I have to ask everyone to pitch in around the house, when I feel it should be a combined effort by all who are part of the family. I often wonder why no one will even do their regular chores without being told to do so. The answer is in the question. They are waiting until I tell them to do so. Even the dogs, when let out in the mornings, won't leave the porch to do their business until they turn to look at me and I say, "Go!" Holy Moly! What have I done? I have become so good at directing that they don't need to remember anything.

It is something to think about...and I WILL be thinking hard.

I can say that we are lucky. With this move will come the opportunity to reshape our family life. New home. New town. New and different obligations for both Todd and myself. We sort of get a do-over. I will be putting a concerted effort into planning my own do-over in this regard.

Tomorrow, I will think about the other video I watched today...the barrier of assumptions. Bet I need a do-over there too.

For good measure and a little humor, I offer a photo of Bricito Vampirito, wearing his prize from the dentist after a super good check-up today.


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