Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feb. 28, 2013 :: chores

Last day of February. Todd leaves in two weeks to start his new job in Kokomo. We made an offer on a house there today. Hopefully, the owners will give us a little time to sell here.

We are busy not being messy around here. We have the house in such a state now that a quick pass through of 15-20 minutes can have it presentable. Finishing up some last bit of sprucing and painting this weekend. Hoping the garden center has pansies soon.

I have to say, the family has stepped up to help keep the house in shape. It isn't perfect, but it is tidy most of the time. They are putting things away more, helping out without as much prompting (err...nagging). For the first time, it feels like we are beginning to work as a team on keeping the house livable. I am hoping, if nothing else, the long days of keeping the house show-able, will be enough to help us form some more useful habits for the long haul.

Looking forward to a slow weekend and a favorable answer from the sellers in Kokomo. Wishes to you for a restful weekend, too.


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