Friday, February 1, 2013

Feb. 1, 2013 :: yard sale

It is 18 degrees on this afternoon before our only Saturday to have a yard sale. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 33 and snowing. We decided to move indoors into the front foyer and hall area. That limits the amount we can bring down from the attic. We could have ten yard sales and not get rid of all of the stuff in the attic. I doubt we will have too many patrons tomorrow.

Goodwill will be tired of seeing us pull up by the time this move is said and done. Boy, we have a lot of stuff. It's outrageous and embarrassing how much we have that we care so little for. I am hoping we can do better in the future. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on junk that will soon be cast aside, I hope we can use that money to help people in more meaningful ways than a donation to Goodwill. Oh well, it isn't our intention to be so glutinous. Let us set our intentions toward more useful goals.


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