Sunday, December 5, 2010

St. Nicholas Day and a few Sunday links...

The Feast of Saint Nicholas

Nicholas, I beg of you,
Drop something into my shoe,
Something sweet or sweeter.
Thank you, Saint and Peter!
Put your long red mantle on,
St. Nicholas, good and holy man,
Drive your sleigh from Amsterdam
And find us quickly if you can.

Happy St Nicholas Day! We are enjoying a quiet day at home (well, except Daddy for course, miss you today, Daddy) and using the snowy weather as an excuse to stay home, decorate a bit, and just be. Thought I'd share some interesting items I read this week. Hope all of you have a lovely week.

I am loving these history videos on the YouTude Teacher Page...yes, I said history videos...and loving them! Can't stop singing about the French Revolution...La La Liberte!

Sometimes I am just thrilled and so grateful for the free resources that can be found online. This Nature Detectives Winter Wonderland Pack from Woodland Trust will be so much fun over Christmas Break.

Somebody might be getting some of these recycled crayons in his stocking!

And I'm thinking of making these little snack mats for our winter afternoon snacks of quick breads and hot chocolate. Think I'll try out these recipes this afternoon...Cranberry Christmas Bread and Spiced Coca Chai.

Wish I had some Feta today...but this Roasted Feta with Thyme Honey is on the menu for Christmas Eve for sure.

Finally, a little holiday inspiration...Flash Mob Hallelujah Chorus.  Enjoy!

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