Saturday, December 11, 2010

25 Days of Giving:: December 10 & 11:: videos for Brice

Playing catch-up today. Lots going on for the holidays.

Thursday's Task::Make a video of you reading a book for Brice. Very cute and he loves them. Tried t upload, but the resolution is so high the blog rejects them. Sorry.

Friday's Task::Take a treat to the neighbors. The kids helped make candy this week and delivered some to our neighbors. Not much to report here except they were touched.

Today's Task::Play a game of Brice's choosing. Brice feels a little left out during the week. He is great at entertaining himself and I do a few planned activities with him during the day, but I still have to spend so much time focused on the big kids' lessons that he feels left out. He doesn't say so, but he's developing some habits that suggest such...holding my face in his hands to get attention...wanting to "do math" too. So I thought we'd focus several of our days just on Brice; giving him a little attention without him having to request it. The kids spent a long while playing dinosaurs with him today.

More tomorrow...snow bread in G'town...we are supposed to get a whole inch before sundown tomorrow!!

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