Tuesday, December 7, 2010

25 Days of Giving::December 7

Yesterday's Task:: Buy and donate food to the Humane Society. One of our goals in this entire process is to help our kids understand that giving is about thinking about the needs and wants of others. It's about thinking what that other living being would want, not about ticking off a task. I knew this would be a no-brainer in the enjoyment department. But sometimes when we are around animals I worry that we view them as objects or possessions. This was, of course, the kids' favorite so far. We were in Lexington with a little unexpected time so decided to head to the facility there. It's huge! Not only did we drop off food, but we gave EACH and EVERY cat and dog in the place a little holiday snuggle. There must have been fifty cats and about a hundred dogs. We were there for quite the afternoon. The take-way here, I think, was that all the animals received some attention, not just the cute ones we'd consider taking home. There was no pining away for a new pet, but a feeling of service and communication.

Today's Task::Give away two of your toys (criteria: something that they still play with, not the broken happy meal toys!)

Remembering Pearl Harbor and Elizabeth Edwards on this December 7.

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