Thursday, December 9, 2010

25 Days of Giving:: December 8 & 9::A winter walk

Yesterday's Task::Take Vegas for a Walk. We have a sweet dog. She is low maintenance; out once a day, minds well, just likes a nice soft bed with a little ledge on it to lay her head. She's been around just a little longer than Reeves and has adjusted to all the moves and changes with as much grace as an old dog can muster. She doesn't really like to exercise, but she loves going outside. Doesn't go very often though, because she can't bear to be away from her family for long. So, today's task was to take her out for a change of scenery and a stroll with her loved ones. We didn't get around to it until close to dinnertime and we had sign language class afterward, so the big kids volunteered to take her around the block by themselves. They took my cell phone and left the house all bundled up as if on an arctic expedition, instead of a quick stroll. About five minutes into the walk, I get a call asking if they can just walk on over to see Daddy on campus (his office is about two blocks away). After confirming that Daddy was there and able to meet them outside, they were off on their first solo flight. All went well to meet him. They warmed up a bit and then headed home. Then Daddy arrived home and asked were the kids not home yet? I called my cell and Embree answered in panicked voice. They were shoveling through a snow drift looking for my phone (which had been in her pocket all the time, only to be located there when I called). I asked where they were and the answer was, "I have no idea...but I think we can make it home." Great! Then they were off, but she forgot to end the call, so I listened to them recognize land marks and make there way home. She was right, they were able to navigate themselves home without a hitch. It's fun to remember just what constitutes an adventure when we are young. Not much to report on the dog's walk...she was pretty quiet about the whole event.

Today's task::Make a video for your baby brother of you reading one of his favorite books.

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