Thursday, December 16, 2010

25 Days of Giving:: December 12-16:: Busy, Busy

We have been so busy! Still checking our giving tasks off our lists. We have shopped for siblings, decorated cookies, made candy for Daddy's work, mailed packages, called grandparents, played games with baby brothers, learned to embroider, been snowed in, been iced in, been to see Tangled, had haircuts, battled a stomach virus, read most of Farmer Boy, been to a basketball game, been to a play, cut up wool sweaters to make handmade gifts...and had a few lessons in there, of course...all since Sunday. Tomorrow is ornament making day with friends...then off to visit family on Saturday.

Brice is really excited about Santa this year. He affectionately calls him "Grandpa." Tonight at the play, be talked to the actor playing Santa and told him all that he wanted for Christmas. Later he told us Santa was his best friend.  This should be a magical year for him.

So far, it's been the most relaxed holiday really. We are just taking the time to enjoy all the endless tasks of the season. We are sitting around the dining room table to create, eat, talk, just be together. It's a rhythm that seems to suit us all. Hope we can extend it into the rest of the cold months.

Enjoy being snowed in, if you are...

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