Friday, December 3, 2010

25 Days of Giving::December 3

Yesterday:: We bought angel tree gifts. I was a little worried about the boys, I'll be honest. Reeves has difficulty entering a store and not buying something on impulse. He's had to hand over his stash of money on several occasions when he was trying to save up to buy a new ds game or the like, else he'd spend every quarter on gum balls or random, plastic junk. Brice is just at that age where he's just beginning to grasp the concept of gift giving and Santa Clause. I worried that one of them would have trouble on our shopping trip.

Before entering the store we decided on a budget and agreed (in theory) that no one would ask to buy something for themselves. Each child got to choose as many toys as fit their budget. Embree and Reeves both were completely with the program. Both we so sweet and generous and thoughtful about what they chose.

Brice needed a little coaching, but finally got the basic idea when we told him we were buying for friends and not ourselves. He picked out several nice items and happily left the store without something for himself. His adventure came when one of our friends and her mom came to get Embree for a play date. He tried to give away the new toys to his "friends" just as we explained to him. Oops. Didn't quite think that one through, I guess. But today the toys are safely tucked away to be delivered this weekend. I think it all went well.

Today's Task:: Donate canned goods to the Amen House (We will post on this and tomorrow's topic on Sunday as we are off to TN for my grandmother's 105th birthday tomorrow. I am hoping that the kids will have some time to share with the residents at her assisted living home. What a chance to get over some anxieties and give to others!)

Happy Weekend!

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