Sunday, December 5, 2010

25 Days of Giving::December 4 & 5

Friday's Task:: Friday we donated food the Amen House. This is regular the "price" that our co-op pays for the privilege of using the church space each Friday. We are supposed to drop donations in the bins when we arrive. This is something I've always just done myself; neglecting to use it as teachable moment. So, I decided to add this to our list in hopes of making it a regular responsibility for the big kids...take unwanted toys, clothes, or buy canned goods to take each week. This time we took a bag of nonperishable food. Next week we'll see what else they choose...and somewhere in our 25 days they will be asked to choose two of their own toys or belongings to donate.

Saturday's Task:: Hug 10 people today. I included this on December 4th because I knew we were scheduled to travel to my grandmother's birthday party in Tennessee and ten hugs would be fairly easy, with just a couple of instances of opening ourselves up to those we don't normally hug. After the snow began and we got news of a flu outbreak among the cousins, we opted to stay home and will visit Granny in a couple of weeks when we travel there for Christmas. So, finding ten people to hug was far more difficult for them. The biggest deal was that they had to concede and hug each other...some thing that is difficult for the two oldest siblings at times. Not a festival of love by any means, but they agreed to help each other reach their there was some generosity there!

Today's Task:: Eat every meal without complaining (this may prove to be a most difficult task...wish us luck!)

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