Sunday, June 27, 2010

21.5.800 21 Day Challenge Day 20

Day 20! One more day!
Tonight I am writing, again, about attachment to loss and how we sometimes forget to enjoy right now because we are so worried about how it will end. It all ends...childhood, vacation, life, lemon pie...we can only hope to make the most of this moment.

Here's an excerpt:

Sometimes I am so focused on the present that I forget the future, forget what’s coming up that needs my attention. There are times this is no desirable. When can’t stop thinking about the lemon pie in the fridge and ignore the consequences of  eating as much as I want right now. But, when I find myself focused on the here and now, I usually am happy at what I find…surprised at the bounty of my life…reminded of the love that overflows in my house.

For example…right now…I am aware of and thankful for…
the creak of the hammock I am sitting in to write
the distant rumble of thunder that will bring rain for my tiny garden
the smell of popcorn that my love just popped and is sharing with the kids on the front porch
the daylilies planted by my husband’s grandmother years ago…they are just beginning their fierce bloom
the kids running under the boughs of the apple tree and the companionship they offer each other
the little red house with the green metal roof that will sound like music when the rain finally comes
and internally
the happiness I felt riding bikes yesterday
the warm water of the New River as we splashed today
the communal happiness our family shares when we are here in our sacred place

Happy Sunday...Namaste, Jeannie

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Sarah said...

Your blog has been so beautiful and inspirational since you have been "away." :) I wish I could be so mindful...I am sitting here making a to do list and lamenting all the things I didn't get done yesterday. I hope you are enjoying your writing, you seem to be!