Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sept. 9 & 10, 2013::birthdays

The last two days have been fun for our Reeves. 

Yesterday, we joined some local homeschoolers at the park, where Reeves met a kindred spirit who loves Yugioh, Minecraft, and all manner of techie pastimes just as much as he does. So happy he has found someone here to share his interests and friendship.

Last night, during a visit from his new friend, and his sweet mom, we celebrated Reeves birthday early with a two layer rice krispie treat cake, complete with buttercream icing and sour nerds for sprinkles. A sweet tooth's dream!!

Presents before bed, and a day off today to try them out, complete with root beer floats at dinner...I think this birthday has been pretty sweet (pun intended). 

For so many years, I have noted that Reeves seemed so much older than his years. All of a sudden, eleven sounds so old. Is he really eleven? Wow!

Happy Birthday my soft spoken, soft hearted, too cool for school son. 
Namaste, Dear Boy

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