Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sept 4, 2013::Tarte Tatine

I understand, now, why my mom seemed to become a better cook whenever we moved to a new town. She would spend the months before she really got involved in a new place in the kitchen to occupy herself.

This is the first time, maybe since we were married, that I haven't held at least a part time job outside the home. No night classes or after dinner rehearsals. No grading papers, other than my own children's. No making costumes, building sets, or wrangling a cast of 100.

My focus, right now at least, is narrowly focused on home. Now, that's fine. I am not complaining. I am sure I will wrap myself up in some new business soon, but right now I am happy to have a little extra time to pursue some personal goals and hone in on our homeschool plan.

One such goal is to become a better baker. I have always loved baking, but for some reason my results have always been a little clunky. I know part if it is my reluctance to bake with bleached, all purpose flour. I am hesitant to use even unbleached all purpose flour, but that trade off leaves me with bricks instead of cookies and bread instead of pie crust.

So, I am trying to master some of the techniques using unbleached AP flour, so that I can then test changes in the recipes with either whole wheat or gluten free flours. Knowing the beast first will help in modifying the beast...that's the assumption anyway. We'll see.

Today's project, Tarte Tatin. 

I have avoided Tarte Tatin for awhile now. Maybe it's the pie crust. Maybe it's the French name. Maybe it's the flip at the end that could bring it all crashing down ( or as my family calls it, the "flip and cuss.")

Once again, my guide, Mark Bittman, new what he was talking about. Maybe I can cook everything! Clean plates and full tummies all around.

Find his recipe in How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman.


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