Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sept 6 & 7, 2013::Repost, Embree's Purse

Today, Embree said she was in the market for a larger bag so she could keep more things with her like she did when she carried a big purse. I was reminded of one of my favorite blog posts of years past.

Originally posted 9/28/09. Embree was 10 years old. Sweet!
I have neglected to post recently because I have neglected to take pictures recently and think I have to add pictures whenever I post. A vicious cycle. Today, I have something to write about that is truly amazing to me. Embree asked to borrow one of my purses. I wondered if she planned to use it as a book bag or something…no…it’s her new purse. After watching her lug it around all over town today I asked her if she would tell me what in the world she was carrying around. Here’s the list…as she gave it to me…seriously!

A kitten bottle (a real nursing bottle she bought at tractor supply Saturday)
A stuffed cat
An unopened spool of ribbon
Two jingly cat toys
A squeaky dog toy
A Ziploc back filled with more ribbon, cat food, a jingly bell on a string, a mouse on a string, a bottle of water
A book about dogs & cats
Her Epipen
A hand mirror
A Neopet dinosaur from Burger King
A hairbrush
Two pair of oobi eyes
A pinwheel
A small plastic doggie with bowl
A ring with a cat on it
A big bouncy ball
A tiny, heart-shaped journal
An orange pencil eraser
A hair bow
A target card with $4
Her library card
3 $1 bills, 6 quarters, 10 nickles, 13 dimes, 16 pennies, and 1 Canadian penny

When asked why she carries all this stuff…”In case I need it.”


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