Friday, April 12, 2013

Apr. 12, 2013 :: even more Titanic

And, three months later we are still into the Titanic. Talk about immersion. Brice has been planning this model all week. He's drawn plans, made lists, and counted out his money to pay for the play dough. Before I could get in the door from our supply outing, he was at the table with scissors, toothpicks, and baking sheet.

He's built several Lego versions this week, as well as a model from a paper towel roll, complete with a hole for damage and compartments meant to be closed off in case of water intake. This one, though, this one has been the current focus.

I am amazed and pleased. I, too, tend to find new interests and throw myself into them for awhile. He is learning so much. But, as a wholistic learner, like Brice, I am passionately interested in my own things. I don't enjoy learning things superficially, and neither does he. While I identify with his tenacity, I have to admit, I have exhausted my tolerance of all things Titanic.

As his teacher, I am committed to following his learning style. I won't make him stop, and I will continue to marvel in his sense of wonder. I will, however, try to offer fresh material and related topics to keep his learning and my interest active.

These learning years with him should be fun!!

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