Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Apr. 10, 2013 :: wishing for adventure

I have serious wanderlust, especially in the spring. As I have written many times this year, we are in the process of moving and will be close to Chicago, Indianapolis, and the Great Lakes. I am ready to get on with the adventure, but there is a teaching obligation to complete, and a house to sell. So, for now, we are waiting.

That doesn't stop the wanderlust, though. Sometimes a morning of lessons on the front porch gives us just enough of a change of pace to momentarily quell the desire. Dinner alfresco, and a little family Lego project during the meal, and we were satisfied for today.

I think we will head out for some hiking tomorrow, if we can beat the coming storms. If not, we'll snuggle down and watch a travel video on Netflix...maybe plan a spring trip to Indiana Dunes on Lake Michigan.

Hope you are planning some adventures of your own.

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