Saturday, January 15, 2011

the week that was (january 8-14)

january 8
a little leftover christmas...still a few other reminders hanging around the house, but we are still really enjoying our poinsettia

 january 9
a tickle...reeves is very patient with his little brother and spends a little time each day playing with him
 january 10
strong man...all those vanilla steamers he's been enjoying

 january 11
snowed seemed like days and days of snow...public schools were out most of the week but we forged ahead...we'll be enjoying summer early!
 january 12
newton's cradle...always a fascinating activity...studying newton and the enlightenment in history
 january 13
sign of a genius? if so, mom is pretty smart too...but she's not taking a picture of her pile!!
 january 14
brice the builder...diggers and beans are taking over the classroom bathroom
note: there are no pictures of embree this week because I find myself taking pictures in the mornings before the day begins...when she is still nestled in bed. 

...and that's the way it was...see you next week!

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